De Gelukzoekers, or in English: Fortune seekers!

Neo hippies ....
Folk singers of the new generation.
Sing-alongs and festival fans with a heart.
They don't come to steal the show, but to give.

This Winter "De reis", the first album of gelukzoekers will be released on vinyl and all major download channels.
Society critical pop-reggae tunes with a cheerful note.
Straight forward.
Typical Rotterdam since 2015.

Earlier this year "Gelukzoekers" came up with a first video called "Gelukzoekers"
Their crystal clear view of the refugee issue.
And with the recent elections they launched the politically incorrect "ff normal".

Something to think about,. Free for interpretation.

If you are looking for crazy vibes on stage, this is your match. 

Book De Gelukzoekers, contact the agent: Dilan Tekin


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