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The GLADIATORS are in the arena since 1967, date when
Albert Griffiths formed the band of which the name was
suggested for him in a bus by a traveler that had just seen the
movie Ben Hur.
The idea of these men that fought for their
liberty, a little to the picture of fight for them against Babylone,
seduces immediately the rastas and stick besides again today to the hardness of Jamaïca.

At this period they had their first hit « Hello Carol » which
establish their name on the local market. From this notoriety
beginning they produce true gems that will become as much
classics such that « Roots Natty » or « Bongo Red » .
In 1976 their career becomes international after the signature
with Virgin and the released of the legendary Trenchtown Mix
Up that compiles most of their best titles. During some years the
GLADIATORS divide the top of the poster in the environment
of the reggae with artists as U-Roy, Aswad or Toots & the Maytals and produce several albums.

If they have therefore known a
certain crossing of the desert on
the recording plan in roaming of
labels in labels they continued to
compose big classics of the roots
reggae and especially to turn
untiringly through the world,
always giving the best of
themselves on stage and proving
that they are without protest one
of the first real Roots Rock Reggae

“Father and sons” recorded at Anchor studio in Kingston-
Jamaica was released with his sons: Al and Anthony, singing and drum. It was the 2004’s tour music where Albert Griffiths says goodbye to his fans. It is his final album. Al and Anthony have grown and evolved close to their father,
between rehearsals, recording studios and stages all over the
world. Since their younger age they have been passionate for
Reggae music and been prepared to carry one day, their father’s work.

It’s been more than 10 years
now, that they perpetuate this
style so special that made the
renown of The Gladiators ,
while bringing freshness and
new dynamic to the music .
The last album of the band «
Roots Legacy » which shall be
released in summer 2018 is the
perfect illustration of this
Continuation ; A mature artist project, interpreting perfectly some of the
greatest Gladiators hits and proposing also some new compositions of the band .

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