Being taken on a journey of East African world music which tells the story of the Fula tribe and it happens to be irresistibly danceable:

Omar Ka, originating from Senegal, born in the middle of the Fulani tribe. A community consisting of shepherds and nomads whom spread all over Cameroon, Niger, Mali, Guinea, Nigeria and therefore also Senegal.

With his sensitive and experienced voice, lyrics and in the company of his guitar and band, he musically tells all the stories that can be heard about these tribes.

After having released three albums: H.O.W. (1997), Mbaaranaabe/Nomad (2000) and Soruuna (2004) he is 15 years later !!! Working on his newest project which will be released in 2020.

It is remarkable that in those 15 years he has traveled all around the world like a real Nomad with his band Fula Groove.

Doing complete tours from China to Germany, Senegal, England and so on. He is now back at the place he is now home calls: Crooswijk in Rotterdam. One of Senegal’s best artists is eager to introduce you to the irresistible Fula Vibes!


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