The LDE Tribute band consists of Holland's best reggae musicians, performing a tribute to The King of African reggae: Lucky Dube. In a way never seen  before.


It started in 2013 when Joey Jermain Martina and Faisal Bass met. When they later met Drummer Ige Arc En Ciel and toured with them, the Foundation of The lucky Dube Experience Band was cast in concrete. When Joey was approached in early 2018 by Ability abe Ngcobo, the manager of Lucky Dube's original band, to tour with them when they come to Europe. This was a great time to revive the love for lucky Dube. Fabian Faré, M.O.K, ShiK-R and later Shirley Spoor & Marise Barbosa Varela and Björn a.k.a Binghi Nyah joined them, and the house was finished.

The Band is like a family. Together they share the love for lucky Dube's music. For a number of artists Lucky Dube is the reason that they play music. They want to honor his music and spread the powerfull messages he gave to the world.

The band consist out of:

Lead Vocals: Fabian Fare

Backing vocals: Shirly Spoor & Marisse Barboza Varela

Drums: Ige Arc en Siel

Percussie: Bjorn a.k.a Binghi Nyah

Bass: Faisal Bass

Gitaar: Shiker

Keys: M.O.K

Keys: Joey Jermain Martina

Contact the agent:

Dilan Tekin E: T: 0031615492248 

The lucky dube tribute band

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