Since the creation of Bagjuice in 2013, the band has pushed the boundaries of reggae & dub and merged it with different styles into a unique sound. On stage, quirky reggae tunes are interspersed with live dubbed instrumentals; from deep spatial dub to exciting up-tempo grooves!

Bagjuice has released three releases in-house: "Last Night" (7 "vinyl, digital, 2014), the first EP (self-titled, CD, digital, 2015) and the Safe & Sound EP (digital, 2017). "Last Night" has been on 22tracks London just like the opening number of the ep "Makmur". The B-side of "Last Night", called "Green Butter Dub" was selected by 22tracks Brussels.

The Belgium reggae website described "Last Night" as an "exciting ganja tune" and called the style "innovative". Regarding the B-side, the site wrote: "a very strong dub, strictly drum & bass with fragments of voice, ending in an apocalyptic final sprint."

Around 2019 new songs will be recorded in Studio De Zwarte Molen and the band is busy producing a new release!

Contact the agent: Dilan Tekin E: T: 0031615492248 

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